💡 Your project may benefit from being a Hybrid Site made up of a mixture of pre-rendered HTML pages and static assets and server-side rendered content when it needs to be dynamic.

Do you want to build a Single-Page Application in JavaScript?

What is a Single-Page Application (SPA)?

A SPA is a JavaScript application that, once loaded in the browser, updates the page view locally by modifying the DOM, rather than by navigating to a new page as an HTML response from the server. As a result, SPAs are able to persist parts of a page that don't change between routes, such as login state or work in progress. Whilst there are certainly ways to maintain state without using a SPA, such as using session cookies or your own bespoke JavaScript, the SPA approach is often useful for front end developers who don't want to venture into more back-endy territory. The core concept of SPAs is to make web pages feel like native device applications through faster page transitions.

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